My talks encompass a fusion of real-world experience, derived from my own journey along with insight from spending a decade in the Canadian Banks, as well as research backed information. My goal is to create an experience that leaves any audience inspired, uplifted, empowered and informed.

My speaking style is appealing to both right-brain and left-brain individuals. I like to maintain a natural, conversational, and engaging atmosphere. I aim to leave my audience with practical tools that they can implement to create change for themselves and others.

I used to think that to be of service, I need research, data, numbers, logic and anything that appeals to the intellect. However, as I tune into deeper layers of myself, I realized that by uniquely blending my body, mind and soul, I am able to access the zone of true impact.

From Money Monsters to Money Master

Whether you live pay cheque to pay cheque, or are a multi-millionaire, we all deal with money monsters that sabotage our relationship with money. This workshop will help you uncover your money monster and transform it into a master that is in charge and capable of creating healthy money habits.

Date Your Money

Through various stories, I will bring to your awareness the universal challenges that we face that prevent us from building a healthy relationship with money. Through understanding your own limiting beliefs, I will show you how you can bridge the gap between your current financial identity and your desired one.

The 4 Step Conflict Resolution Framework for Money Arguments

Let’s face it. Money brings up a lot of emotions in all of us and often leads to uncomfortable and stressful situations. This workshop is intended to offer a simple resolution framework that helps individuals resolve their outstanding money dilemmas (common between couples, parents/kids and family members)

Customized workshops

The topic of money is VAST! There are so many layers and angles in which we can explore this topic. I am a member of the Financial Therapist Association and I get access to tons of constant great research on various matters. I can customize a workshop that fits your needs. Whether you are a company looking to offer training to your staff, a conference looking to add value to your attendees, or a non-profit organization looking to create impact in the community, I would love to hear from you to explore how I can serve you and your target audience.

Aseel is extremely passionate about her work and is on a mission to spread her unique message. I had the pleasure of having her speak at one of my events, and people just loved her content and energy. I highly recommend her as a Financial Therapist and a speaker.

Dr. Shahab Anari