Personal Coaching

“A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be.” Tom Landry

I help clients fulfill their financial goals by addressing the way they think, feel and behave with money. Not only do I thoughtfully address financial challenges, but my mission is to also attend to the emotional, psychological, behavioral, and relational hurdles that are intertwined. By addressing the area of money, clients notice a ripple affect on all the other areas in their lives (the relationship they have with themselves and others, their career, their health, their overall life satisfaction, etc.) Going through my coaching leads clients to create an authentic, purposeful and meaningful life that truly inspires and allows them to experience abundance in every way possible.

As a previous Financial Planner in the corporate world, I came to realize how complex the topic of money is. I met a lot of people with money, and very few people with real wealth. Wealth is an attitude beyond someone’s net worth statement (although this is certainly an element). I met people who didn’t believe wealth was accessible to them, and others who had lots of money but still lived in scarcity and fear. My coaching is intended to create a space for healing and exploration. My mission is to enable people to experience holistic wealth, which is accessible to us all.

You are my ideal client if:

  1. You recognize that you have limiting beliefs about money and are ready to uncover and address them.
  2. Money has been an area that is vague in your life. You usually avoid thinking about it. You know that it is impacting you on a personal, professional and relational levels.
  3. Whether you have lots of money, or live pay cheque to pay cheque, you feel that you do not have a grasp on financial matters.
  4. You are eager to lead a purposeful, meaningful and fulfilling life and are ready to explore, share and move past your obstacles.
  5. You know there is more unexplored potential in you and are ready to unleash it. You are committed and open to embracing the process.

Date Your Money

A 6 months coaching program to help you build a healthy relationship with money and create a life that you dream of.

Grow Money On Trees

A 6 months coaching program for entrepreneurs and business owners to help them grow their business to its highest potential.

Have Your Cake & Eat It Too

A customized package just for you. After a complimentary consultation session, I will send you a recommended proposal based on your needs.

Being a part of the Date Your Money program has allowed me to think beyond my own set limitations. I am now on my way to not just dreaming about the possibilities, but also materializing those dreams. Aseel has given me the tools and necessary steps towards understanding my present identity and creating a new one that is a much happier and joyful version of myself. For years I had been struggling with my past and underlying insecurities that I had unconsciously built and she has been such a blessing in allowing me to uncover my past and forge my truth for the present and future. I would recommend her to anyone that would benefit from her because she helps not only with your financial identity but also with your human identity and condition. She is truly an amazing human being and inspires those she touches with her gift.


Aseel’s support to breakthrough money stigma is very inspiring. These are difficult conversations to have and she has the grace and strength of heart to lead them. She’s helped me explore my own struggling money mindset and move towards a more resourced and abundant spirit, supporting me in my creative journey of entrepreneurship.

Alida Finnie, Nutrition Therapist and Registered Dietitian

Let’s make some magic together.