Aseel El-Baba

Financial Therapist | Money Mindset Coach | Empowerment Speaker | Changer

Born and raised in Lebanon, I was always a person who asked existential questions. In a troubling and unstable environment, I struggled to make sense of the world and I constantly aimed to find meaning beyond my existence. My first business cards were designed at the innocent age of 10 years old. While I was hiding in my brothers room, scared from the chaos outside, I wrote my first job title “The Changer”. I knew that I had a deep desire to create a positive impact in our world.

Fast forward to today, I spent that last 10 years working for 4 out of the big 5 Canadian banks. After my degree of Business and Economics from York University, I specialized in Financial Planning. By the time I left the bank, I was managing a portfolio of almost 300 clients and $100M. I enjoyed talking to people about their dreams and playing a role in helping them making crucial financial decisions. However, I wanted to equip myself with more tools to help people deal with the complex topic of money. I realized that money is a taboo and most people have no idea how to navigate this topic.

I went back to school to study psychotherapy at Gestalt institute, which is a 5 years training program (On track to become a Registered Psychotherapist in 2023). I am now a member of the Financial Therapy Association and the Canadian Association of Psychodynamic Therapy. Through my experience and continuous education, I aim to help clients heal their relationship to money so they can lead a fulfilling life.

“When Is Your Date With Money” is a speech I gave at Speaker Slam. It was featured on The Power Of Positivity and reached over 1 Million Views.